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We were founded as a charity from 15th August 2007 to provide education and
training for poor people in the slum area Yellammabanda at Kukatpally, Hyderabad AP.

We are a community of people dispossessed from our lands and homes. - Families have come here to find work and are living in bad conditions. They would like to send their children to school but often instead they are sent out to work as labourers and servants.

With help from HYDERAPALS education will help to lift us from poverty. First we have started the school up to grade 7 and we have 200 students, and we would like to take more but do not have space for them or money to help them.

You can lift one of these families from poverty and provide a child with education. Please click on the 'Learn about sponsoring' button on the right to link to our UK friends HYDERAPALS.

In May 2009 we moved because the house was far too small and had only a banana-leaf roof, which was useless when the monsoon came. Our roof-top was having to take four classes of small children and you can see this if you look at the Gallery.



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